Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bheemeswari (21-May-2011 to 22-May-2011)

Daring DeerBond with the Bestcooking the Nomad WayBrothersReflectionsStairs
BudsBudsBug or blossomLizardFishing BoysSkating on the water
Bug on the branchHelicopterHelicopterRunning away after a naughty act..Group shotGroup shot
RoadsRoadsLight for the Guy, Who Lights the worldPlanning a Monkey BusinessDogletsStack
Biking to Bheemeswari + Camping + Cooking Beside Cauvery Waters (21-May-2011 to 22-May-2011)
Bheemeswari (21-May-2011 to 22-May-2011)


  1. Checked your flickr photostream... awesome collection... hope you had lot of fun at Bheemeswari :)

  2. Beautiful photos! Love the macros

  3. I especially like your monkey photo. Aren't they so mischievious?

  4. Hi James, Yes they are....
    They plan and then attack ...
    My friend's bike was suffering from a severe back wheel puncture...
    and He was looking for some help over there.
    I could not afford to leave him alone and catch the Monkey mischief..